Graduated in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies, PhD in Medicinal chemistry and bioactive complexes synthesis. Over 10 years of experience in R&I projects and green chemistry. Strong experience in project management and technology transfer.
francesco Montalbano, PhD
Over 13 years of experience in the Financial and Economic SME counselling, strong knowledge of the accounting and management, accounting transactions, ledger integrity and financial compliance to applicable laws and regulations.
Mario Monte
PhD in Bioengineering Systems by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and IST (Instituto Superior T├ęcnico de Lisboa, Portugal). She conducted technology transfer projects in international environment (USA, Colombia, India, Portugal, Czech Republic) and acquired project management skills in industrial environment.
Michela Simcikova, phd
Project Manager
Over 20 years of experience in pre-formulative studies, delivery systems, micronization, spray drying, bioactive complexes, pre-clincal testing, release studies.
Mariano Licciardi, PhD
Experienced pharmaceutical technologist, actives in several pre-formulative studies, already involved in the development of several formulations and bioactive complexes synthesis for the nutraceutical industry.
Roberto Caruana, M.Sc.