Supplement sector should carve its own path toward innovation


Supplements are a class of commercially successful health products, which in the latest 20 years, have generated a great excitement among scientists and the media. Positioned between food and pharmaceuticals, they have been promising to free their consumers from the burden to ingest synthetic chemicals and still deliver a number of health benefits. But after so many years have these high expectations been completely fulfilled? Not really, or at least not from every product on the market. Several formulations often make use of synthetic excipients and adjuvants, many companies do not invest in innovation and research and those who do it still may struggle to achieve a clear efficacy validation. While to not completely satisfy the costumers request for all-green (no synthetic ingredients) and innovative supplements is certainly a missed market opportunity, failing to provide clear evidences of their efficacy would be much more impactful and undermine the costumers’ trust for these products.