We are specialized in spray drying micronization of supplements and nutraceticals for higher bioavailability. We are experts in preclinical studies as permeation studies according ICH and OECD guidelines.

The state of the art of supplement technology 

We are a Contract Research and Manufacturing Organization focused on supplement micronization, from development and testing to scale-up and commercial manufacturing. We are specialized in supplements bioavailability and sustainability. We are experts of preclinical testing.

micronization followed by preclinical test and pilot production and manufacturing. micronizzazione seguita da test preclinici e produzione e produzione pilota.

Technology Scientific only provides the state of the art of supplement and nutraceutical technology, positioned to help your poorly soluble active compounds as botanicals, herbal extracts and vitamins. We work hard to increase the bioavailability and efficacy of health products for the patient well-being. Preclinical tests as permeation studies validate it according ICH and OECD guidelines.

permeation studies as preclinical test. studi di permeazione come studi preclinici.

Preclinical studies

Permeation studies

Enzymatic assays

Animal studies

Micronization produces highly bioavailable micronized supplements, nutraceuticals, herbal extracts, vitamins. Micronizzazione produce altamente biodisponibili integratori, nutraceutici, estratti, vitamine.





Bioavailable delivery system. micronization. micronized supplement. Biodisponibile sistema di rilascio, micronizzato integratore.

Healthy Technolgoies

Our patented, sustainable,


delivery systems

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We have over 20 years experience in spray drying micronization and laboratory preclinical testing. Our knowledge of micronized delivery systems extend from development to scale-up to commercial production. We are experts of preclincal testing as permeation studies according ICH and OECD guidelines.


We work hard to advance the supplement and nutraceutical industry toward more bioavailable and sustainable products and to reduce the use of synthetic chemicals aiming to develop healthy and sustainable supplements technologies improving the the people well-being and the environment health. 

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migliora la biodisponibilità degli integratori.

20 years of experience in pharmaceutical technology

Whole project development from formulation to commercial production

Technology transfer from the latest discoveries to commercial products

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