We enhance the supplements efficacy for patient well-being

We help the nutraceutical industry to innovate supplements, botanicals and phytocomplexes with microdelivery systems featuring modified release.

We improve the therapeutic effect of supplements and validate their efficacy through pre-clinical research such as biochemical testing, release studies and in vivo tests.

Rilascio prolungato

Innovation for Excellent Supplementation

We blend the state of the art of release technologies, phytocomplexes chemistry and the most advance validation techniques:

We improve the supplements efficacy solving technological problems as dissolution, solubility, absorption and natural substances protection, developing unique delivery systems and complexes.

We micronize herbal extracts and natural substances. Micronization offers an incredible range of advantages such as: taste masking, improved solubility and bioavailability.

We validate the nutraceuticals formulations efficacy through a wide range of pre-clinical studies comprising in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo tests.


We work for the patient well-being and a greener environment. We work hard to reduce the use of synthetic chemicals and processes with high CO2 equivalent emission.

Four reasons to choose us

20 years of experience in pharmaceutical technology

Whole project development from formulation to validation

Technology transfer from the latest discoveries to commercial products

A steady attention to customer satisfaction