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What Does Working With

Technology Scientific

Look likes?


Working with Technology Scientific is simple, we execute the developetment, scale-up and production. No third parties involved.
You only deal with one partner.


Unlike other contract service solutions you have tried, Technology Scientific won’t waste your time or our own.
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Technology Scientific innovation projects are used by
top company and start-up

We are specialized in spray drying micronization of supplements and nutraceuticals for higher bioavailability


Lab-scale prototyping

Preformulation studies

Formula development

Efficacy validation



Pilot production GMP compliant

Shelf-life according ICH guidelines


GMP manufacturing

Commercial production of micronized supplement:
Herbal extracts

We are spray drying specialists for supplements, improving the bioavailability through micro amorphous particles. We offer a wide range of micronization services: from development and industrialization up to commercial production.