Permeation Studies
An Overview of Basic Concepts

We are experts in preclinical studies as in vitro permeation studies according ICH and OECD guidelines. We are specialized in spray drying micronization of supplements and nutraceuticals for higher bioavailability.

We design your micronization with spray drying and test by in vitro permeation studies for high bioavailability.

In vitro permeation tests play a vital role to understand how a dosage form interacts with biological membranes, unravelling the fundamental principles underlying the eventual permeation promotion or barrier effect of a formulation. This article explores the basics of permeation tests, including key concepts, methodologies, and applications.

What are in vitro permeation studies

In vitro permeation tests estimate the degree a dosage form promotes or inhibits the permeation of its ingredients across physiological mucosae. The most used model for permeation studies are the Franz cells.

Cella di Franz, come funzionano gli studi di permeazione di un integratore alimentare

How in vitro permeation studies are done

Franz cells make use of membranes to replicate the behave of the active ingredients of a dosage form when exposed to live mucosae.  The membranes can be artificial or derived by animal tissues. These latter provide the most reliable results.

Permeation studies. Studi di permeazione.

How technical files benefits from in vitro permeation tests

Permeation tests are useful to predict what is the most promising formula promoting or preventing the absorption of its ingredients, but no only. These studies are also pivotal in the technical files to present at the Notified Bodies.

Permeation studies unravel the ability of a formulation to promote or prevent the membrane crossing of its ingredients. Gli studi di permeazione rivelano la capacità di una formulazione di promuovere o prevenire il passaggio delle membrane da parte degli ingredienti di una formulazione. Permeazione.

How in vitro permeation studies help your formulation

1. Allow to screen several formulas to select those with the most favorable permeation profile.

2. Increases the success rate of expansive in vivo tests and clinical trials.

Cella di Franz, come funzionano gli studi di permeazione di un integratore alimentare

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