What is micronization

Micronization processes reduce an ingredient dimension from macro to micro scale, providing microparticles between 1 and 1000 μm. It is a widely used technique in for pharmaceuticals.

Micronization reduces the supplement size. La micronizzazione riduce le dimensioni degli ingredienti degli integratori.
Micronized supplement. Integratore micronizzato.

How supplements benefits from smaller dimension

Supplements based on micronized powders possess a exceptional favourable surface-area/volume ratio that increases the liberation of the active compound from the dosage form. To exert its action a supplement must be firstly liberated from the dosage form. The liberation happen at the interface between the dosage form and the surrounding aqueous physiological fluids. Larger is this interface higher is the liberation rate.

Micronization for poorly soluble supplements

Most of the supplements active compounds, as well as botanicals and phytocomplexes are lipophilic, which hinder them to easily leave the dosage form and preventing to carry out their physiological action. Larger is the interface lipophile ingredient/physiological aqueous environment higher is the liberation and action.

Lipophilic supplements micronization. Micronizzazione degli integratori lipofilici.
Spray drying micronization. Micronizzazione con spray dryer

How spray drying micronization helps your dosage form

  1. Reduce the actives compound size. 
  2. Increases the interface between the absorption site and the dosage form.
  3. Boost the api liberation.
  4. Allow a one-step micronization and encapsulation within a controlled release matrix.
  5. Increase the api concentration in the physiological fluids of the absorption site.
  6. Control the release rate and optimize the residence within the therapeutic window.

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