About 30% of Technology Scientific’s new customers at some point ask us: “What’s the difference between you and the others?” It is a very direct question, but also important for those who do not have deep skills in micronization or spray drying and find themselves deciding who to entrust the development of their micronized supplement to.

At Technology Scientific, we understand how frustrating it can be to make a decision based on partial information and the consequences of which influence the already complex path of your new micronized supplement to the market.

We take pride in our micronized supplements, but the truth is, our micronization service may not be the best choice for you. In fact, suppliers like NutraScience Labs or Particle Dynamics may be better options, much depends on the type of micronized supplement, project requirements, budget, and ancillary services.

In this article we will review the various options in Italy, Europe and the USA in an honest and transparent way, and in the end, you will be able to identify the best option for you.


Agrindustria Tecco Srl

Active in the food sector, it offers its micronization services for large volumes. It does not offer scale-up or effecacy analysis services. It is a suitable supplier for those who have already have a fully developed micronized product and are ready for industrial production. Among their strengths: experience (over 30 years); high production capacity. Overall, Agrindustria Tecco Srl is a good supplier for large batch production.

H&AD — Herbal & Antioxidant Derivatives

Active in the world of food supplements, they offer micronization services, but not prototype development. It is a suitable supplier for those who have already developed micronized products and need to produce them on a small industrial scale. Among their strengths: experience (over 15 years); medium production capacity. Overall, H&AD — Herbal & Antioxidant Derivatives is a good supplier for intermediate productions.



This is a Danish supplier of industrial processes dedicated to the food sector, in addition to spray drying they offer a complete catalog of services from mixing to packaging, for both large, medium and small productions. Among its strengths: experience (over 30 years). Overall FIPROS A/S is a reliable supplier.

Vitablend Nederland B.V.

This is a Dutch company that offers various third-party production services from dry and liquid blending, micro encapsulation and spray drying. They also offer an in-house quality analysis service. Among its strong points: experience (over 20 years). Overall, Vitablend Nederland B.V. he is a supplier.


Particle Dynamics Ltd.

This is an American company producing industrial processes including spray drying, dedicated to the pharmaceutical and supplement sectors. They provide a complete service that ranges from technology transfer to packaging. Among its strengths: experience (over 30 years). Overall FIPROS A/S is a reliable supplier.

NutraScience Labs

This is an American company that offers contract manufacturing services for food supplements, including micronization via spray drying. It has extensive experience in the production of supplement powders, capsules and tablets, with a focus on nutraceutical ingredients and customization. The company stands out for its advanced technology, wide range of applications and the experience of its team. Overall, NutraScience Labs represents a viable option for companies that need to produce large batches. 

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