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Spray drying, is a special micronization processes, that when applied to supplements and nutraceuticals produces micronized amorphous powders featuring incredible advantages ranging from higher production flexibility to increased bioavailability and efficacy. This article provides an overview of the basic concepts, key considerations, and benefits of spray drying for supplements.

Spray drying micronization of supplement. Micronizzazione Spray Drying Per Integratori e Nutraceutici.

In this article, we'll outline the steps during the micronization with spray dryer of supplements.

Benefits of Spray Drying Micronization for Supplements

  1. Preservation of Nutritional Value
  2. Enhanced Stability
  3. Convenient Handling and Formulation
  4. Improved Solubility and Bioavailability
spray drying supplement, Lo Spray Drying Per Integratori e Nutraceutici.

Preservation Of The Nutritional Value

Spray drying is a gentle transformation process for degradation sensitive compounds, preserving their biological activity and nutritional value. During the liquid evaporation active compound temperature increase up to match that of the outlet gas. When this is set below the denaturing one of the active compounds their structure, activity and health benefits are preserved.

spray drying supplement, Lo Spray Drying Per Integratori e Nutraceutici.

Enhanced Stability

The conversion of liquid supplements into powders significantly improves their stability, extending their shelf life and reducing the risk of spoilage, oxidation, or microbial growth.

spray drying supplement, Lo Spray Drying Per Integratori e Nutraceutici.

Convenient Handling and Formulation

Powdered supplements produced by spray drying are easy to handle, measure, and mix, allowing for convenient formulation of capsules, tablets, or powdered drink formulations.

spray drying supplement, Lo Spray Drying Per Integratori e Nutraceutici.

Improved Solubility and Bioavailability

Spray-dried powders often exhibit improved solubility and dispersibility, enhancing their bioavailability and ensuring efficient absorption by the body.


Spray drying is a valuable technique in the production of powdered supplements. By understanding the basic concepts behind spray drying, including the process steps, key considerations, and benefits, manufacturers can optimize their supplement formulations and achieve desirable product characteristics.

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